Films That Serve Revenge on a Platter

The formula for revenge movies is pretty basic: someone is wronged, hurt, or killed, then they or their relatives take justice into their own hands . . . before everything goes batshit crazy. Revenge-themed films are often brutal in nature, and they often push the boundaries with their themes that often include abuse, violence, and […]

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Films Inspired by Works of Art

In the last few years, it seems that films have been adapting stories from books and graphic novels—the highest-grossing films came from drawings on paper. However, did you know that there were films that were inspired by works of art? Paintings and photos were at some point inspiration for directors, and although there have been […]

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Indie-Horror-Films-Coming-Out-This-2016 (1)

Indie Horror Films Coming Out This 2016

 A lot of production companies have taken advantage of large budgets when it comes to creating films. But they often fall short of expectations when they hit cinemas. The grisly genre of horror, on the other hand, does not necessarily rely on that, so companies usually take the risk of releasing them. All it really […]

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The Most Exciting Movies in 2016 So Far

From lackluster sequels to art house gems, 2016 has undeniably been a year of different hits and misses in the box office. As we reach the halfway mark of this roller-coaster year, ExploreTalent is counting down the most exciting and heartwarming movies that have hit cinemas: 1. Zootopia (Walt Disney Pictures) Released on March 4, […]

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Horror Films Coming Out This 2017

Everybody loves a good horror film, so it’s only fitting that you be updated on the upcoming horror movies that are expected to hit the cinemas next year. It may be early to think about 2017, but considering the hype built around these movies, we may as well start getting excited over them. From reboots […]

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Five of the Most Iconic Mothers in Films

A female lead is always empowering and eye-catching addition to movies. To represent this woman as a mother is also another way to capture people’s attention. In general, mothers are compassionate and driven, especially when it comes to protecting their children. But you won’t just find the average mother on this list, as some of […]

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