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ExploreTalent Presents: Advice for Aspiring Actors

Aspiring actors often make this number one misconception about acting—it is all about being famous. But in reality, acting is all about passion and drive. If you don’t have both, then you don’t have what it takes to go far in an industry as competitive as acting as you may lose sight of creating art and end up having the business contaminate you in the end.

Actors start their career with a dream and then ultimately setting goals, then going after them in the process. In this article, you will find useful tips that every aspiring actor can take note of and utilize to have a long and successful career. Remember, the acting business entails a lot of hard work, and no one, not even those born to acting dynasties, have it easy. Take a look into some helpful advice for aspiring actors:

1. Assess yourself first


Before you even start acting, you need to know why you want to pursue a career in acting first by asking yourself, why do I want to act? Make sure you are doing this for yourself and not just to satisfy someone else’s plan. There is no sense investing time and energy in a career you have no interest in. Know that an actor isn’t all about the applause or the money, that will fade away eventually.

The next thing you need to ask, am I confident enough to do this?  Acting entails being in front of an audience, no matter what field you take. Even voice acting has an audience in the form of the audition you will have to go through before bagging the job.

Take your time when it comes to assessing yourself, that way you’ll be sure of your decision to pursue it. It can be to express yourself or it may come from a dream that started when you were very young—either way, an aspiring actor will need another strong career which he can get back to in case he feels like the business is getting the best of him.

2. Focus and get started


This doesn’t mean to start jumping to the acting bandwagon especially when you have zero experience in doing so, as it will only end up in immediate failure. Getting started means familiarizing yourself, starting with the industry down to the actual acting. There are a number of ways to get familiar with the business such as taking acting classes, hiring a professional coach, or even simply purchasing a book about acting will give you insight of what is to come.

An aspiring actor needs to narrow his options down so he can focus on that first. What field of acting am I planning to to do? From there, he or she can start building his knowledge on it. For example, a voice actor needs to develop a wide range of voices to be flexible in his chosen field and then he can go out for an audition when he is ready.

It should be noted, though, that an actor should not limit himself to a certain field of acting, he can always venture toward other acting jobs as long as he has the passion for it.

3. Audition

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Auditions are inevitable. In other professions, these are job interviews and all companies require them in order to assess if an applicant fits the job. Same goes for acting, an audition is where a casting director can asses your acting skills and overall look to see if you are perfect for the role.

Now auditions can be daunting, and since there are other aspiring actors like you, your chances of getting the job is as equal as all of them. But it depends in the actor if he wants to be a step ahead of the other auditionees, thus standing out is important when it comes to acting. The only thing an aspiring actor needs to bear in mind is that being an actor who is flexible, aggressive, and professional at the same time will give you a leg up in the industry. So don’t hesitate to try out for as many auditions as possible if you feel like you are what the production company is looking for.

4. Work hard and accept failure


In any aspect of life, there will be hard times. Remember, it isn’t about the number of times you fall but the number of times you are able to get up. Acting can be hard especially for newcomers who don’t know what to expect at first. There are times you may fail an audition or end up having a production cancelled. But if you look back into the first tip wherein it was indicated that you should establish why you want to become an actor before you actually pursue the career, you won’t have trouble with motivating yourself to move forward. In the end, every actor will find their way to success. It all depends on your consistency and endless thirst to become even better while ignoring all the negative opinions that people will throw at you.

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