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Comic Book Movie Endings You Never Got to See

It does not matter if you happen to be a fan of DC or Marvel, you always get overjoyed when you finally see your favorite characters on the big screen. A comic book movie is often considered to be a pinnacle for most fans, especially when it is done right. So producers scour every scene to see if it fits with the overall tone of the movie. With that said, some endings may end up in the cutting room floor. Take the critically panned (and box-office hit) Suicide Squad, after seeing the film, it was almost too clear to see that some scenes will only be shown in the uncut DVD versions later on.

So while we wait for that release, ExploreTalent is giving you a list of past comic book movie endings that a lot of audiences never got to see when it first hit cinemas.

(Note: major spoilers below.)

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)


X-Men: Days of Future Past was one of the most successful X-Men movie franchises to date. It continues the story left off by X-Men: First Class and hyped audiences up for 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse. The movie sees the character Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) returning back in time in an attempt to save the mutants who are caught in a devastating war in the future. The film ended with Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) saving the president and stopping the Sentinel from exterminating all mutants.

The film featured a number of familiar faces including both the past and future versions of Magneto and Charles Xavier. But one notable character who was not onscreen was Anna Paquin‘s Rogue, who, fans may already know, was one of the original cast members of the X-Men series. Even if she was not in the film shown in cinemas, an alternate version called The Rogue Cut features 17 minutes of removed footage. Most of it involved Rogue helping Wolverine travel to 1973 to help stop the Sentinels. It also happens to show the death of Iceman, who dies protecting Rogue. A deleted scene involving Peter Dinklage‘s Dr. Bolivar Trask being freed from the pentagon can be also be viewed in the Rogue cut.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man (2014)


While he may not be returning onscreen as the famous webslinger, no one can deny that Andrew Garfield certainly gave justice to the role of Spider-Man. So it may be bittersweet for fans to know that an alternate ending could have paved way for Garfield to make more films.

In the original cut, we see Peter Parker heartbroken after the loss of his beloved Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), so he goes to visit her grave every single day of the year. The scene later cuts to him saving New York from Sinister Six member Rhino and the credits roll not long after.

In The Amazing Spiderman‘s “secret” ending, Peter actually meets his father, Richard, who is very much alive after being presumed dead  all these years. Richard Parker’s return could have drastically changed the series and so many questions could have been answered, but ironically, the movie still ended up being the last of the film franchise.

3. Blade: Trinity (2004)


Deadpool was not the first R-rated comic book movie ever made, it was actually the Blade series that introduced violence and gore into mainstream cinema. Blade: Trinity basically ended the series rather nicely, wrapping it all up by having Blade (Wesley Snipes) destroy Dracula (or Drake) and his gang of vampires around the world. Ryan Reynold‘s Hannibal King later narrates to audiences that Blade is still alive and hunting the remaining vampires despite being presumed dead.

There are two alternate endings to Blade: Trinity. One involved Blade in a medical bed waiting for an autopsy. He later wakes up and beats up all the guards in the room, later cornering a nurse. Audiences never know if he gives into his vampirism, but as Drake stated “The thirst always wins,” a lot of people have decided that he has indeed turned into a monster. Yet another ending features the Nightstalker team assembling in a new location. With vampires no longer a threat, the team gears up to take a new foe: werewolves.

4. Ant Man (2015)


This underappreciated Marvel gem had its own share of secret endings as well.

In the original version, we see Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) and Yellowjacket (Corey Stroll) battle it out for the shrinking suit technology developed by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas). Ant-Man eventually emerged victorious, but the nanotechnology was nowhere to be found.

During the post-credits scene, audiences are treated to a prelude for Captain America: Civil War and people never really got to see what happened to the HYDRA agent that escaped with size-altering device during the scuffle. According to director Peyton Reed, it was originally planned to have Ant-Man reclaim at least a part of the stolen goods, but that was eventually changed to pave way to Civil War and the upcoming Ant-Man sequel Ant Man and the Wasp.

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