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Duck Dynasty Celebrity Got Suspended As Reported By Explore Talent

Explore Talent On Duck Dynasty Suspension Over Anti-Gay Remarks

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Explore Talent gives you A&E’s Duck Dynasty legend Phil Robertson news reports. Robertson got a suspension coming from the network’s management body. This was all a result of his recent appointment on GQ magazine for the January issue. The feedbacks produced the management group to issue indefinite suspension.

According to CNN, the network had a statement released on Wednesday regarding their disappointment on the reality TV star. Robertson, being a spiritual guy, did not restrain himself of his comments about the being homosexual. During the interview, Robertson relates homosexuality to sin and being immoral, and also to beastiality. This promptly got the attention of A&E who is apparent in supporting the LGBT local community.

The Robertson family are widely known to be spiritual. They carry on going to the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ. Despite having his views and opinions on religious concerns, he nonetheless reiterates that homosexuality will never be acceptable. However, the network does not tolerate such remarks. They said that Robertson’s own beliefs and views were definitely not mirrored in the show, Duck Dynasty.

The Duck Dynasty is on its 4th Season. The show’s next season will premiere on January 15. The reality television program stars the Robertson family, a Louisiana family who created a living and became wealthy via duck hunting or duck calls, or also known as Duck Commander.

After the inevitable and indefinite suspension, blog posts from Twitter have two sides—praises and pundits—across the Duck Dynasty star’s anti-gay commentaries.

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