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Explore Talent: New Service Intended for Casting Directors

Explore Talent New Service

In line with their aim to offer a higher number of auditions to site members, Explore Talent is now allowing talent agents and casting directors to directly post auditions or casting calls on the website. As a result, these casting directors can now use the site directly in posting their productions and the roles they need talents for. By simply writing about the details of their projects, these casting people are already given access to the an incredible number of Explore Talent site users, providing them with a faster option to finding the ideal talent or talented individuals for their television  or film productions. A great example of this is if you have a director posted a casting call for Philadelphia, he can get generate a lot of interest among the talented people living in the general area of the state.

The booking assistants of Explore Talent will aid the casting directors to look for the appropriate talents not just by posting the audition or casting call, but by also calling the talents as per request of the directors. These auditions or casting calls will be placed on the homepage of the site so the optimum amount of interest can be generated from women, men and children who might be perfect for the roles being cast.

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