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Explore Talent News Reports Over Miley Cyrus‘ Controversial Images for W Magazine

Miley Cyrus Poses Naked for W Magazine


Miley Cyrus becomes provocative along with her photos on W Magazine, Explore Talent shares. The cover photo on the March issue features the 21-yeat-old celebrity almost showing off her naked body. This did not escape people’s attention as Miley induced another controversy in the entertainment business. A year ago on August 25, Miley dragged a publicity stunt around VMA with Robin Thicke. The “twerking” dance move had done public disturbance on different websites and went on for months.

On the latest matter, verifies that Cyrus herself selected her own thoughts and language in showing her factual feelings on W Magazine. The online mag states that her expressions are not held come back throughout the entire interview. She reviewed boys and girls today, her new self and her haters. The songstress also confesses about having trust issues and blamed her parents over it.

Looking back, Miley Cyrus started acting and performing at a very early age. She represents Disney and done “Hanna Montana” in one of its most loved TV series. Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a country music icon, she also exhibited her talent in singing and made a bunch of chart-topping music and songs within the music business. All over her job, she was able to go beyond many acting, vocal and modeling auditions to obtain projects. In October 2013, she introduced her 4th recording album under RCA Records—Bangerz. Her overhauled appearance brought about tremendous controversies to news rooms and social media sites as well.

Source: Explore Talent

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