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Explore Talent on Oscar-Winning Star Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

Philip Seymour Hoffman on His Award-Winning Performance in Capote


In keeping up with the “Oscar fever”, Explore Talent remembers one of the most excellent celebrities in the acting industry, Philip Seymour Hoffman. The acting business saddened as the Oscar-winning actor as a result of combined drug intoxication on Sun, March 2. Hoffman’s premature death on his Greenwich Village property brings suffering to his family members, co-stars, and directors.

After more than twenty years in the industry, Hoffman started out his chosen acting profession in 1990s. He had gone to formal acting schools and signed up with different theater works. Although he landed supporting jobs in movies and theater, his acting styles gained him credits from different acting work opportunities. From acting auditions in plays, he obtained nominations from prestigious award-giving organizations including the Academy. In 2005, he gained the Best Actor for the film Capote, in which he played as Truman Capote.

A great shock after the 46-year-old actor was found lying dead in the bathroom floor of his Manhattan place. When he was younger, he was under substances abuse but had become sober whilst placed under treatment, New York Times validated. He grew to be dependent on heroin that in the long run ended his life. A needle got stuck on his left arm with evidence of emptied heroin bags.

With fantastic acting skills, Philip Seymour Hoffman is really missed by the world. His talent in acting and directing inspires co-actors and co-company directors, as well as provides encouragement for future actors and directors.

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