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Explore Talent Proclaims Casting Designed For Models In Nashville

Model In Nashville Red-Dyed Hair

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Explore Talent reported that only two models were sought for in Nashville, Tennessee modeling project. Casting directors want two models aged 18 years and above. The particular models required have great hair, and able to dye their hair red and blonde.

Models are first requested to provide their photos submitted. The deadline happened on Sept. 1. Models were then screened. After screening, the models were brought in Nashville on Thursday, September, 5. The two consecutive days were the preparation/rehearsal days, September 6 and September 7. The show happened on Sunday, September 8. The models had to leave the following day.

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That is a non-union job which paid $1500 + $40 for each day. Moreover, $100 is given for taxi cab and baggage charges. The client also ensures that accommodation for hotels were prepared.

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Source: Explore Talent

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