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ExploreTalent Reaches 900,000 Likes on Its Facebook Page

ExploreTalent has already gotten more than 900,000 likes on its official Facebook page this week. This milestone is a first for a talent resource site, marking the company as the leader among talent resource sites in the entertainment industry.

Dubbed as the largest talent resource site in the world, ExploreTalent was founded in 2003 and gives out more than 20,000 casting calls, crew jobs and auditions on a day to day basis. The site has nearly 9 million members that are composed of aspiring actors, models, dancers, production crew workers and singers.

Explore Talents boasts of a cast match technology that is a leading innovation in the entertainment business. The system matches a talent’s attributes to hundreds of roles and auditions available in the site. It also does not only provides talents casting alerts and emails, but also updates their respective profiles with their preferred auditions and casting calls.

Another of ExploreTalent’s main features is a tailored fit system that connects casting directors to talents who are qualified for roles they are casting for and allows them to contact as soon as they want to. Aside from this one of a kind innovation, the company also ensures that their talents are well taken care of. Each talent is provided with top of the line and value-added services offered by its illustrious team of talent advisers and customer service representatives. With thousands of hours dedicated to verifying, sorting and providing talents with casting details, it looks like there is no stopping Explore Talent in being the best talent resource site there is for both old and new talents across the globe.

ExploreTalent, which has offices both in the US and abroad, are equipped to serve every aspiring talent who want to make it into the entertainment scene. To know more about ExploreTalent, visit or call 1-800-598-7500.

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