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Explore Talent Shares Scarlet Johansson and Oxfam Issues

Scarlett Johansson Resigns as Oxfam Ambassador to Support SodaStream


Explore Talent critical reviews on Scarlett Johansson and Oxfam decreasing their ties rather than the current Super Bowl commercial carried out by the award-winning celebrity. The celebrity proved explicitly her aid for SodaStream that induced her to resign as Ambassador of the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief or Oxfam.

Scarlett Johansson supports Oxfam and SodaStream. However, the latter strongly opposes of any affiliations from SodaStream. SodaStream is known as an Israeli service basing on West Bank that companies carbonated refreshments. According to Fox News, due to this conflict, Johansson opted to support SodaStream since she is Jewish. This is not easy for the 29-year-old actress due to her active participation for humanitarian works such as aiding those affected by calamities and to help lift poverty

One of the most significant names in Hollywood at present, Johansson starting acting jobs at an incredibly young age. Her global popularity is constantly rage as she takes on mature roles. Even with her current debatable choice to side on SodaStream, it is still new to learn about a person with terrific religious-politics confidence similar to Scarlett Johansson.

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