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Explore Talent’s Michael Clarke Duncan Facebook Post Goes Viral

Explore Talent - Michael Clarke Duncan

A post made on Facebook by Explore Talent commemorating Michael Clarke Duncan has spread like wildfire and got more than 360,000 likes. Explore Talent usually lauds actors who are either deceased or living on its Facebook Platform page. This time they posted the photo of the known actor of The Green Mile and encouraged fans and visitors alike to like the post.

The photo had the caption, “Heaven…I’m in heaven…” Along with this, Explore Talent also placed 1957-2012, signifying the years when Duncan was born and when he passed away.

Visitors of Explore Talent’s Facebook page showed their love for the actor through their massive response to the post. More than 360,000 likes were registered and above 7,000 placed in their comments.
Facebook’s aim is to provide people the ability to share and create a more connected and open world. Users of the social networking site share information and communicate using the social graph, which is the network formed among the relationships and connections of the people. With over 900 million users actively using it, Facebook is the fourth site in the US that gets most traffic.

It was in 2007 when the Facebook Platform was introduced to allow businessmen and developers across the globe to create a more social web for users.  Facebook users by the millions go back to use the site every day, presenting unheard of opportunities for the creation of applications and the chance to set up businesses that are highly important to the lives of people.

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