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Top Beauty and Fashion Trends for Music Festivals

As the days get warmer, outdoor activities seem to be popping out just about everywhere. Today, ExploreTalent will be focusing on music festivals, one of summer’s most sought-after events. Now it’s never too early to plan on your festival fashion because let’s face it, these events aren’t only about the music. Festival fashion is about expressing yourself while you spend the glorious and magical days under the sun. But do remember, your pieces should be lightweight and comfortable so you can enjoy the moment while it lasts. So for the love of music and fashion, here are the top beauty and fashion trends that are perfect for festivals:

1. Backpacks


Backpacks are perfect for music festivals because not only are they spacious enough to fit in all your needs such as water, extra shirts, and sunscreen, they also are ultra stylish. Get one that is waterproof just in case you find yourself getting soaked in water. Backpacks are also convenient since they are light and easy to carry. They’ll also allow you to dance without having to worry about anything hanging around your side!

2. Cropped Tops


It almost seems like cropped tops will never go out of style. They do complement every body type out there and when paired with high-waist bottoms, they look bohemian chic and music-festival ready. Try different cropped tops that are on trend right now: cold shoulder cropped top, mirror cropped top, waist-defining cropped tops (perfect for busty women!) and bustier cropped tops for more petite types.

3. Fringe Dresses


When you go to fashion like H&M and Forever 21, the festival section features fringe clothing. A complete outfit option is a fringe dress. They create movement and are perfect for dancing. Fringe dresses are also an eye-catching fashion statement, so pair that with some chunky combat boots or sandals, then you’ll be rocking the music grounds in no time.

4. Chokers or Bolo Ties


If you have seen photos from the recently concluded Coachella festival, then you’ll notice that many of the stylish visitors have been rocking bolo ties and chokers instead of flower crowns lately. This creates a very fun, hippie vibe to your outfit and draws attention to your neckline.

5. Ripped or Torn Jeans


Torn jeans look great for both men and women! The best thing about them is that you don’t need to head to the store and spend cash on a new pair. You can always create one yourself by making use of a pair of old jeans that have become washed out. This gives a rock-and-roll touch to your look and will never go out of style.

6. Good Graphic Shirts for Men


We’d never leave men’s fashion out of this list, so if you are a guy, make sure that your graphic shirts are tasteful. You can wear a fun pineapple-printed shirt or polo, as long as it’s lightweight and breezy to keep you cool throughout the day.

7. Wear Glittery and Waterproof Makeup


People often make the mistake of wearing gorgeous eyeliner and glittery shadow but fail to check if they are water or smudge proof. You wouldn’t want to look like a disgruntled clown at the end of the day, so do check if your makeup is waterproof before applying them. As for the overall look, apply glitter on the top of your cheekbones, or if you are feeling bold, try that rainbow highlighter that everyone seems to be buzzing about nowadays. Remember, let your creativity run loose since you won’t get many chances to wear this on other days.

8. Lace Sandals


Lace sandals are perfect when paired with the right outfits, so choose wisely! Some helpful suggestions would include pairing them with pom pom shorts or bohemian dresses. You can top off your look with a cute fedora and aviator shades to really look chic while you party the day away.

9. Vintage Band Shirts


A word for the wise: make sure you’ve listened to the bands you happen to be wearing on your chest so you wouldn’t end up making a complete fool of yourself. You can go for ripped band shirts like Nirvana or The Ramones, and wear a pair of comfortable sneakers on your feet.

10. Mermaid Hair, Braids, and Waves!


Music festivals are the perfect place to let your hair down, literally. Play around with hair styles and make sure you pack on some extra scrunchies and bobby pins in case they fall off in the middle of the day. Whether you go for rainbow braids or mermaid hair, find one that will complement both your outfit and your personality.

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