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Female Comic Book Characters Taking Center Stage in 2016

The year 2016 is seeing a lot of comic book adaptations taking on the big screen. Regardless if they were well received or not, they don’t seem to be ending anytime soon with so many production companies spending their money on bringing these superheroes to life. This results in the multiple ways studios can branch out from the franchise through several merchandises such as shirts, lunch boxes, and even cellphone cases.

So we have Batman, Spiderman, and Superman smashing the big screen. One noticeable thing about these characters is that they are all menBut for 2016, superhero movies are planning to make a drastic change.

Way before Scarlett Johansson donned the tight suit to fight the bad guys with her male co-stars in Marvel films, female comic book characters were either secondary or just a joke. Catwoman, for instance, became nothing but a pawn for bad movie puns. Let’s face it, women are mostly placed in superhero films to provide sensuality or even become a helpless bait in the end. Movie makers are looking into making things right by giving women more important roles in film, to show the world that women can be just as tough as men too.

Check out the toughest female comic book characters compiled by ExploreTalent coming out in movies this year.

1. Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Deadpool


Deadpool became one of the most successful R-rated superhero films in history when it was released this year. It wasn’t just Ryan Reynolds who stole the show, but so did his shaved head co-star. The teenage X-Men is known to detonate atomic bursts from her body. Though she wasn’t given much screen time, a lot of fans are hoping for this character to develop more in future films.

2. Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Captain America: Civil War


The Maximoff twins were an exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when they were first introduced in Age of Ultron. But you’ll really get to see more sides of Scarlet Witch in Civil War.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen‘s portrayal of a young girl hoping to control her powers just shows how much emotion there was to the film that was heavily dominated by male characters. It also helps that the directors gave her so much time to showcase her skills, and needless to say, the world just fell more in love with her.

3. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Many people are calling Gadot’s portrayal as Wonder Woman the saving grace of this lackluster film. The Amazonian princess has long been regarded as one of the first few female superheroes who helped pave the way for others out there. Gadot is actually ready to hold her own as she is currently preparing the standalone Wonder Woman film to be released next year.

4. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Suicide Squad


Now here’s a movie people have not seen but are already excited for! In this highly anticipated anti-hero movie of the DC cinematic universe, Australian actress Margot Robbie looks delightfully deranged as Harley Quinn. Judging from the trailers, Harley Quinn is undoubtedly garnering the most attention and Robbie’s acting is getting everyone geared up for it. She may have appeared differently compared to the costume of her comic book character, but she’s definitely got Harley’s accent in the bag.

5. Black Widow(Scarlett Johansson), Captain America: Civil War


For several Marvel movies, Black Widow has always been taking orders from men and even though we love that she’s given equally dangerous tasks, there really isn’t much emotional growth to her. But for Civil War, Natasha Romanoff has to make a difficult decision, which involves deciding which side she is on.

Seeing her in the movie makes one realize how smart she really is and how her intelligence goes more than just simply making strategies during battle. Civil War shows that Natasha has loyalty, but she always knows where to put her values on.

6. Jean Gray (Sophie Turner), X-Men: Apocalypse


Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner received so much buzz when she was cast to play the young Jean Gray for the X-Men Apocalypse movie. The trailers prove that the movie seems to be gearing up to be an exciting one. Gray has always been an important member of the X-Men, and to see her discovering her powers for the first time would be truly entertaining.

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