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How to Find Acting Jobs in Atlanta


If you are an aspiring actor based in Georgia, there are lots of opportunities for you to find acting jobs in Atlanta. This city is becoming one of the country’s hot spots for movie and television projects.

According to figures released by the Motion Picture Association of America, there are nearly 23,500 people in the state employed by the motion picture industry. The main reason for which is the 158 productions currently filmed here including the blockbuster franchise The Hunger Games and the highly-acclaimed TV series The Walking Dead.

To be able to find these movie and television auditions, here are several guidelines to help you out:

Find a Manager or an Agent Near Your Location

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Casting offices and talent agencies are rapidly increasing in areas of Atlanta, making them the target of job seekers in the entertainment industry. To ensure that you can get your foot into the door of these office, your resume, head-shot, and reels should always be updated and ready. If you have friends who have connections with agents or directors, you may pass along your information to them.

It will also help to know some actors in your local community. Doing this will help you get your audition materials to the person who can aid you in getting the auditions and jobs you have been wanting to get.

Make Use of Social Media

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You can be more exposed to business networks and friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. However, you should make sure your profile contain all the stuff that the agents need to know about you when it comes to your acting experience and other skills you might have.

Point out your common interests during chats or conversations with agents and make them see what you have to offer, without sounding too desperate. However, if some agents do not respond to you, don’t harangue them up with headshots and audition tapes. Give it time. Just be active in the entertainment scene and you will be noticed eventually.

Meet Up with an Agent and Hit an Audition

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As everything connected with entertainment industry is rapidly increasing in Georgia, production of independent films is also expected to grow. Therefore, agents are also eager to find aspiring talents for future purposes. Upon meeting the agent you’ve contacted via social media or friends, it is always best to meet with them personally.

Show up with your audition materials, confident attitude, and your readiness to discuss your interests and experiences. Agents hold workshops to find new talents who are interested to exert their time, competitive enough, unique, and professional, so make them see you’re worth it. However, getting an agent does not guarantee that you’ll have one acting job after another. You will still have to work hard because while they can refer and recommend you to directors and producers, it is still you who will deliver your audition performance.

Work on Gaining Acting Experience

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Managers and agents sometimes discover talents on videos and plays that people recommend for their viewing. You can be the next big thing if you regularly join plays, commercials, or local films, even if it’s low paying or just part of your school activities. It doesn’t even matter if you totally have the knack for acting in a specific play or not, just keep on taking every opportunity that comes along.

Do Some Research and Join Casting Calls

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While looking up for the right agent to completely help you, you can also try out some casting calls on your own. Your colleagues and friends can be your first and best outlet for information when it comes to future projects in your area. You can also keep an eye out for announcements and ads posted on the Internet, newspapers, magazines, or aired on TV and radio.

Considering that the entertainment industry in Atlanta is experiencing rapid grown and development with more than 80 companies related to the industry having transferred and extended in Georgia since 2008, you can expect that not enough people are filling out the jobs they need. So, if you wish to know more about the jobs you can possibly be hired for, then checking with the Georgia Film & Television Sourcebook is the way to go. It has the information about employment opportunities and companies filming in Georgia that you need.

Create an Account on Talent Resource Websites

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Talent resource websites can be a great tool for researching acting projects in your city. You can also visit  to give you more information about the film industry, including casting calls and auditions that may be up your alley.  Post your head shots after you sign up with these sites, make sure your personal information is concise, impressive, and detailed. Doing this will ensure that you will be matched and in line for future acting projects.

Call Your Local Film Office for More Information

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In the past year, film and television projects in Georgia numbered to as many as 158 productions. This is proof that there is room for aspiring actors to find acting jobs in Atlanta. So, if you are located in this area, then all you have to do is work hard and persevere and you will eventually get to where you want to be in your career.



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