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How to Find Voice Acting Jobs


There are plenty of auditions available right now and these aren’t strictly exclusive for acting jobs where you face the camera. There is also an abundant pile of voice acting jobs where you get to be the voice of a character or a narration. Voice acting is really interesting. It gives you the opportunity to portray the role of the character without having to face the camera. There are a lot of casting directors that are looking for fresh talent, and you might just be the one they’re looking for.

Despite their availability, it’s quite hard to spot a voice acting job nowadays. You’ll either need a very keen eye while doing your research and sometimes a little luck doesn’t hurt. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of helpful tips you can use to aid you in your search for voice acting jobs.

Don’t Just Wait for Opportunity, Go For It


Most of us just simply stagnate ourselves while “patiently waiting for the right opportunity.” Most of the time, “the right opportunity” never comes. While we’re just sitting around waiting, life is constantly happening all around the world. Waiting too long may result in losing more opportunities than gaining them. Go ahead and challenge yourself to be the one to make opportunity come to you. Search for some voice acting agencies. Present yourself to them. Do some auditions. You’ll be amazed at how action can create opportunities.

Search for Voice Acting Jobs in Your Local Area


Let’s face it, it’s near impossible to get direct access to casting directors. You’ll still need a lot of experience and a lot of practice as well as some cash to support you in your endeavor. That’s why you should start small and begin your voice acting jobs in your local vicinity. Your job search will be much easier and the local jobs will serve as your training ground. Keep in mind that the danger of scams is more abundant in the local areas, so just make researching a habit so you could avoid getting yourself into any kind of predicament.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of the Internet


You’re going to need all of the tools to aid you in searching for a voice acting job. The Internet is going to be one of your most valuable weapons because it is a good source for tons of information. You can look for job listings, agencies, coaches, etc. With the Internet, you can basically search for everything that you’re going to need. However, no matter how amazing it is, the Internet still isn’t safe from people who are looking to take advantage of others, so just take caution and do some extensive study about the job, the company, and everything else that you spot on the Web.

Know Someone Who Is Part of the Industry


Making connections will definitely aid you in reaching your ambition of getting noticed and landing yourself a voice acting job. The advantage of knowing someone who is already working as a voice actor/actress is that it’ll make getting discovered quicker and easier. That person can easily refer you to the casting director if they’re still looking for additional people. It’s also one of the best methods for you to learn the ropes as well. You can ask that person for tips or maybe how the industry works.

Join Voice Acting Workshops

What better way to cultivate your talent in voice acting than by joining workshops! Workshops are a great way to get insights and improve your experience. Remember to give your absolute best during these workshops because you never know, there may be a casting director in the crowd recruiting for special talents.

Get a Legitimate Coach or Agent

The riskiest aspect of having to hire a professional is their legitimacy. You’re not sure if they’re legitimate, and you risk yourself getting in a scam. The only prevention for this would be to do extensive research first, before actually hiring someone. Despite the risk, these professionals can really be a big help for you in the future. Not only will they be helping you improve your skills, they can also do the legwork in finding auditions for temporary voice acting jobs. If reliable and trustworthy, they can truly guide you all the way to success.

Time Is of the Essence, Don’t Let It Slip By


Don’t waste time making mental plans and then procrastinate.  Instead of being stuck in the planning phase, move forward and spend your time doing some actual research about the industry …Check out legitimate Web sites such and, as well as other legitimate agencies. You’ll have a better chance of landing a voice acting job if you act on it, rather than speculating on what could have been.

Above all, you need to be persistent during your search for voice acting jobs. It’s going to take quite some time before you actually find a decent stint, but all of your efforts will be worth it once you land one. Remain strong and remember to never give up!



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