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How to Handle Acting Audition Anxiety

First things first: getting anxious over an acting audition is normal. Who wouldn’t get the jitters over something that can be a defining moment in your acting career? But it is also important to bear in mind the need to overcome any anxiety so you wouldn’t let your nerves get the best of you. Even for seasoned performers, the excitement and thrill of an acting audition can still continue to be overwhelming. The difference is that these actors have followed a routine to deal with this.

So how exactly do they manage to do just that? While there isn’t a step-by-step rule that proves to totally eliminate audition anxiety, the good news is that it can be overcome when you apply the right attitude toward it. Most of the time, this narrows down to the stress you have in your mind at the thought of delivering a piece in front of strangers that have the ability to make or break your career. So in the end, what happens is that rather than focusing on the actual audition itself, you are worrying about all the ways it can go wrong.

Explore our helpful tips below and these will help you handle audition anxiety.

1. Practice and prepare

It is no question that practice makes perfect. Work on that flawless performance and you’ll be nailing that audition once the day arrives. This is applicable to all sorts of auditions. The more practice and preparation you do before your audition, the better you will get.

Try out different methods in delivering your audition piece and work on what will stand out. Remember, you are in a room full of people doing the same thing, so better find a way to be noticed among the crowd.

2. Relax and shake it off


Take deep breathing exercises, meditate, or simply go outside before your audition. The more relaxed your body becomes, the more will this resonate in your head. Keep in mind that your anxiety stems from the thought of being in a room full of strangers, but once you find an outlet in letting that initial fear out you will learn to build your confidence. People have come up with different strategies to shake off any audition jitters, they listen to music or even “transfer” their energy to inanimate objects. Whatever works best for you should be able to help.

3. Do not focus on failing


Success stories never start with thoughts on failing. They are usually built on a strong foundation enough to lift them up to their dreams. So don’t get caught up with the possibility of failing your audition because you’ll end up tripping all over yourself in the end. Besides, you don’t have to look at it that way if you don’t get the part. Not being able to land a role after an audition is always a possibility, but it is not the end of your career, instead it is an opportunity for you to improve yourself.

4. Play on your strengths


Think of the time you landed a role. Even if you are a rookie actor, there must have been some time that you took on the stage or performed in front of family. These are your strengths, your shining moments, and these will give you confidence in yourself. No matter how long time ago that could have been, when you focus on the times you prevailed rather than your present anxiety, you’ll be able to deliver your audition well.

5. Come prepared


There is no sense in attempting to cram everything in your head the night before the actual audition. So it’s best to practice your piece days before. Get everything ready the night before: your lines, your clothes, and your whole look should be put together by then. Tendency if you opt to work on the last minute is that you’ll be preoccupied with the things you could be leaving out. Making a written checklist on everything you need will help.

The actual formula in shaking off audition anxiety varies per person. If you are truly passionate about acting, then you will find ways to overcome this. Maintain a positive mind-set about your audition and try not to focus on the ways you can go wrong. Auditions are a one-shot deal, but there are many opportunities out there for you to give your best shot.

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