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5 Horror Movies Coming Out Soon

Horror movies have had its share of triumphs and failures in the box office. Over the years, filmmakers have been looking for ways to push the envelope by pursuing different gimmicks to attract audience attention. One method could be tagging the plot as “based on true events,” or reviving an old film to cater to the newer generation. Either way, the box-office success of a horror movie depends on the hype built around it.

For 2016, expect to see a lot of sequels or prequels. As evidenced by the highly successful Saw and Paranormal Activity franchises, people tend to be drawn to horror movies that have already made its mark in the industry. Lucky for audiences, the remainder of this year seems to have a lot of fright flicks that are ready to scare you off your seat. While this isn’t the full list of movies that are coming this year, these are the ones that we are sure will come out on top of the rest. So let’s not keep you at the edge your seat and get on with the 5 most highly anticipated horror movies coming this 2016:

1. Trick ‘r Treat 2


In 2007, Canadian filmmaker Michael Dougherty gave audiences one of the most disturbing films anthologies of all time. Trick r’ Treat not only became critically successful film, but it also went on to have a cult following.

The movie centers around Halloween traditions and an eerily connected story line. Dougherty had announced that the was preparing for a sequel last 2009, and rumors have circulated that the movie is ready to go into production. Although no official announcement has been made, fans of the movie have been crossing their fingers for it to happen anytime soon.

2. The Purge: Election Year


Needless to say, the concept of the Purge movies is a unique blend of both thrill and horror. Although sequels to the initial Purge movie did not get the same success as its predecessor, audiences are still looking forward for the next film to hit cinemas.

The movie is actually a sequel to the last two Purge movies and will be bringing back some familiar faces from previous films, such as tough guy Leo Barnes (played by Frank Grillo). Initially, people have been speculating that the movie would be a prequel, but producers debunked that rumor last year.

3. The Conjuring 2

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Real-life paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren (played by Vera Famiga and Patrick Wilson respectively) are returning to the big screen for the much awaited sequel of the successful Conjuring movie. This time, they travel to England to investigate a dangerous poltergeist in Enfield.

The story is once again based on real events that transpired from 1977 to 1979 in a council house in Enfield, England, where a family was tormented by unexplained furniture moving, knocking on walls, and even a sinister demonic presence that was looking to possess the children.

4. IT


Nobody knows true horror like the king of supernatural stories himself, Stephen King. Back in 1990, King penned and released the horror miniseries IT, which featured a paranormal being that transforms itself to the protagonist’s worst fears. It mostly took the form of the equally terrifying Pennywise the Clown and became one of the most notable figure in the history of horror movies.

The miniseries made veteran actor Tim Curry a star as he donned the famous clown costume and is mostly known for his villainous roles to date. There is no word yet on who will be getting the coveted role for the remake, but We’re the Millers star Will Poulter has been rumored to be attached to the project.

5. The Death House


The Death House is set to be The Expendables for horror junkies. Featuring a stellar cast of familiar faces, it is definitely one of the most highly anticipated horror movies out there. The film unites one of the most notable actors in the industry such as Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Bill Moseley (House of 1000 Corpses), and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes).
The story centers around a secret government facility that houses the most incriminating villains in the world, and in true horrific fashion a prison break happens and hell literally breaks loose. In the middle of it all are two government agents trying to escape.

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