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Indie Horror Films Coming Out This 2016

 A lot of production companies have taken advantage of large budgets when it comes to creating films. But they often fall short of expectations when they hit cinemas. The grisly genre of horror, on the other hand, does not necessarily rely on that, so companies usually take the risk of releasing them. All it really takes is good story telling, the right amount of scares, and likable characters to make a horror movie stand out. This subsequently gives birth to indie horror films, which have become a staple feature in the industry.

Word of mouth has become the most essential way for movies to gain popularity especially those with smaller budgets. A trailer is also another way to gain attention as well. So here in ExploreTalent, we have rounded up the most eye-catching indie horror films that are set to be released this 2016.

Take a look at some of them below:

1. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Release date: July 14, 2016


Emma Roberts has officially solidified herself as a staple figure in the horror genre by starring in both Scream Queens and American Horror Story in television. It has every terrifying element drawn to it, from creepy boarding schools, terrifying visions, to even a demonic possession. The movie is actor Oz Perkin‘s directorial debut.

2. The Neon Demon

Release date: TBA


The Neon Demon had caused a lot of controversy at the Cannes Film Festival for dealing with twisted themes like cannibalism and even necrophilia. It was reportedly booed and saw several film critics walking out of the cinema upon it’s screening. The movie stars Elle Fanning as Jesse, an aspiring model who gets involved with dangerous and sadistic in the industry. The result is a stylish yet terrifying look at how far some women would go in the name of beauty.

3. The Greasy Strangler

Release date: October 7, 2016


Nothing about The Greasy Strangler is normal, and once you watch this larger-than-life indie horror film, it is not so difficult to see why. The trailer alone is enough to make you question your own sanity, maybe that is why it got the midnight screening treatment during the Sundance Festival.

The Greasy Strangler follows a father and son who compete for a woman’s attention, but amid all that, a certain killer is on the loose and is wreaking havoc on the small town. This film is definitely not for the queasy as it is packed with unappealing nudity, disgusting scenes, and grotesque bodily modifications.

4. The Blackout Experiment

Release date: July 22, 2016


The Blackout Experiment is a documentary film that premiered in Sundance. It follows the real-life Blackout experiments that involve several individuals undergoing a realistic haunted house experience complete with degrading punishments such as violent, sexual, and traumatizing acts.

5. The Unkindness of Ravens

Release date: TBA


The Unkindness of Ravens was brought to life with a Kickstarter campaign to help raise their funds to $64,000. It is now known to be the highest-funded British horror film from the site. What makes this film a cut above the rest is its incorporation of Celtic mythology and the gorgeous Scottish highlands as the background.

6. Carnage Park

Release date: July 1, 2016


Carnage Park is a film that is set in the seventies. It has a thriller, horror, and crime aspect to it, making the film a thrill ride on its own. The tables are turned when bank robbers become a target of a sadistic psychopath that happens to be an ex-army veteran.

7. They Look Like People

Release date: TBA


Dubbed as more like a psychological film than an actual horror movie, They Look Like People was first introduced during the Slamdance festival to raving reviews and even an 88 percent rating in Rotten Tomatoes. The reason this is on the list is because there is something unnaturally dark about the film, which centers around a man who is convinced that demons are infiltrating humanity.

8. The Invitation

Release date: April 8,2016 (United States)


The Invitation made its premiere at SXSW Film Festival and managed to rake in a lot of buzz from movie critics. It involves a divorced couple who are reunited through a union with some friends. The movie was praised for its unique take on the whole “dinner party from hell” plot and slow-building thrills.

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