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Show off Your Bodies Lads! New Explore Talent Contest

Best Male Body Contest Explore Talent

The contest is open to any male member that desires to showcase his photos on Explore Talent. To enter, high quality photos have to be submitted.

“Proud of the body? Feel you’re a knockout? Subscribe to ExploreTalent’s Best Body contest and set your hot bod to great use by winning some money prizes! Send us several photos showing of your stuff the chance to win,” the competition board states.

All contestants will have an opportunity of being featured in the site, and then they must attempt to secure as many online votes as they can. Their picture will be publicly displayed to as many people on the spot, enhancing the participants chance of being discovered for movies by casting agents who are daily examining the site for new talents. You only need 30 votes to win. The deadline of this contest is on November 30, 2013.

The mere participation to the contest will give the contestant 5 points at Accumulated points can be exchanged for prizes. The more votes one can secure via social media, or by personally campaigning, the bigger chance of becoming the featured contestant plus $ 100 cash! The second place winner will get 90 days of free membership, while the third place winner will receive one free month of Pro membership at

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