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Model Talent Search can Launch Your Career

So, you know you’ve got “the look!” Now, it’s time for you to launch your career into the spotlight and get your face in front of the key decision makers in the fashion world. As an aspiring model, your main focus should be promoting yourself as much as possible. As a model, its all about your look rather than anything else.

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There are tons of casting agents, producers, fashion houses and brands that are constantly looking for new, fresh faces for their products. The mission is to connect you with this pool of potential gigs! The greatest way to get your face and name out there is through the Internet. It’s online where you will be able to browse thousands of castings, post your resume and mingle amongst other aspiring models and possible new clients. If you don’t have an online presence yet, make one!

You can start on your Facebook or right here on Explore Talent.

Sign up today and get started on your own personal web page! You can upload your photos and videos, your resume, your stats and other talents in order for possible casting directors to discover you! Our large database of model profile is used by tons of industry professionals to find the perfect face for their new campaign. Your job is to stick out and be memorable so these industry professionals want YOU!

When setting up your online presence, make sure you are releasing the right information. A lot of casting directors will use social media to find out more about their potential new models and you don’t want your past to come back and bite you in the butt. Delete any and all photos of you drinking, partying or doing anything you wouldn’t want your new bosses to find out about. This looks sloppy, unprofessional and just plain irresponsible. Also, don’t post anything that doesn’t have to do with modeling. You want your online presence to promote your personal brand and business; not your social life. If you want to share things to your Facebook or personal profiles, share interesting news from the modeling world or inspirational stories from your favorite models. This shows that you are knowledgeable and interested in the fashion industry and could give you a little leg up on your competition. Post any and all professional pictures you’ve taken and post all of your success stories so they can see that you are working hard towards your goal!

Once you’ve been contacted to attend a go-see make sure you show up prepared! Always bring your portfolio, headshot and resume with you to any interview that has to do with your modeling career. Show up as plain as possible. By plain we mean pull your hair off of your face, wear little to no makeup and try to refrain from wearing heavy jewelry. You are there to show the casting directors that you could be molded into the perfect representative for their companies so don’t cloud your beauty with makeup. They want to see you in your most natural state. Always remain calm, cool and collected during these go-sees. You are probably going to be nervous and there might be a bit of pressure but if you remain relaxed and just have fun with it, you will realize its not so bad. When you are nervous or anxious, it will show in your face and will throw the interview off completely. The casting directors might see this as unprofessional and could ask you to leave the audition. Just remember, you are there because of your look and your beauty. Keep your head up and always smile and you could be on your way to becoming a huge successful model.

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