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Tips for Models When Preparing for a Photoshoot

No matter how established you are in the industry, even the most veteran models still have to prepare for that photoshoot. They can be quite intimidating especially for those new in the business, but nonetheless it provides a great opportunity for a career to advance if it goes well.

If there is one thing that should be emphasized here is that your look needs to be ready. Second to that is your preparedness and lastly your confidence. An insecure look will truly register in your eyes and body language if you head to your photoshoot unready.

So here are some helpful tips that you may find efficient when preparing for your photoshoot:

1. Don’t skip any meals


Models often think skipping a meal would make you look skinny. In reality, you’re just going to lose your much needed stored energy for the actual photoshoot. No matter if you are shooting a catalog or even something like Sports Illustrated, you need to eat. Never skip your meals the week, day and on the actual photoshoot, or basically your whole life. Skipping meals has numerous health hazards and you wouldn’t want to cancel your photoshoot because of that. Even in between snacks are important in keeping your energy at an all time high, pack a healthy snack to munch on in between shoots.

2. Wax unwanted hair


Now unless you are instructed to look scruffy for the photoshoot, it is best to look as clean as possible on the day. For body hair like your legs, armpits and even the bikini line, do this at least 3 days before the photoshoot so you don’t end up looking all swollen up if you do it at the last minute. When shaving facial hair, wait for instructions and if you are given the go signal to look shaven for the photoshoot then don’t wait for the day before to do so. Allot a time to shave and another for your face to heal from the irritation.

During the actual photoshoot, do mention to the photographer if you have your own shaving kit on hand.

4. Do confirm the details of the shoot ahead


Even if the date had already been set, a model with a professional attitude should always reconfirm the photoshoot details at least two days before the actual date. This is just to make sure if there are any changes that were overlooked when you were informed the first time. Photographers will appreciate your keenness in your job, and you’ll be able to prepare better that way. Do confirm every details from your look, the venue to the contact person once you reach the area.

5.  Practice


There isn’t anything wrong with coming prepared. You would want to re-examine your body movements prior to the shoot and make sure your body is as coordinated as can be. So practice in front of a mirror and you can even do it without any clothes on, just to make sure every part of you is as sync as possible. Photoshoots aren’t just about pretty faces, but flexible movement too. Do a variety of poses including facial expressions and figure out what would work best for the theme of the photoshoot.

6. Plenty of rest and lots of water


A combination of good sleep and the right amount of water never hurt anybody. In fact, it made them look even better than before. You would want to skip on anything that can cause dehydration to the skin such as alcohol or cigarettes and maybe want to stick with a healthy lifestyle to keep your skin looking glowing. Remember bloodshot or sunken eyes cannot be covered by heavy makeup and in the end will ruin your photoshoot. Plus, this will decrease your energy level and you even may end up being late to your appointment. So reduce these risks and have plenty of rest with eight glasses of water a day.

7. Prepare what you need the day before


You wouldn’t want to be late to your own photoshoot, so stack up on the necessary things you need to bring on the day. Clean and prep yourself as well, by going with nude but clean nails and necessary coverage should you have inevitable blemishes on the day of your shoot.

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