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How a Modeling Agency Works

It is a very important step to understand how a modeling agency works, if you’re thinking of starting a career in the industry. You can enjoy the agencies’ services they can offer once you realize what they are capable of doing. All modeling agencies technically have different groups of people who are assigned specific responsibilities and obligations. So it is high time for you to learn who are the people behind the company that will guide you through your journey to success.

The Booker

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The booker, who also goes by the job title manager or agent, is the one who takes full responsibility of your career as a starting model. The booker talks to the people you will be working with in projects. He will let you meet with photographers who will give guidelines to make the photo shoot a success. Basically, a booker is responsible in making you more marketable.

If you are already loaded with projects, the booker will be the one to look up for the client you are going to work with. He is the one who takes charge of your daily schedule and activities. Clients should contact your booker directly if they want to be working with you.

The booker sometimes exceeds their work from being a manager to being like a friend to you. They help their talents with some personal matters like choosing a good doctor or personal trainers, nutritionists, and so on.

Major Booking Departments

The New Faces Department

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People from this department are the ones you see during auditions. They will be the one training you to turn you into a professional model. Booking your first projects is part of their job.

The Modeling Management Department

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 This is the next department you will face after your encounter with the new faces department. To secure your well-balanced career in the industry as a model is their major responsibility. They determine what kind of clients you are going to work with.

The Supermodel Department

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Hence the name, the supermodel department is the department you will be working with if you have the potential to be a supermodel and you want to work your way to being one. They are the ones who’ll take care of you once you reach the status of being a model who can seal multimillion-dollar deals. They will also take care of your projects outside modeling like posing for calendar covers and filming TV shows and exercise videos.

The Catalog and Advertising Department

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This department is responsible for assigning models for catalog and advertising jobs. Those models who have lesser projects and vacant schedules are most likely to be called for this job.

The Runway Department

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The runway department will handle the schedule and booking of models for runway works, as its name suggests. They are the one who organize the boutique showing, fittings, and trunk shows for every model in the agency.

The Television and Commercial Department

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The department is the one who connects with outside agencies for models who are offered television bookings. Handling other related projects such as guest appearances of their models on television shows is part of their job.

Other Department

Accounting Department

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The accounting section carries all transactions that have something to do with the money that comes in and out of the agency. You will be asked to sign a voucher that acknowledges that you have a pending work whenever you are given a job. The signed voucher is handed to the accounting department at the end of your work. Your modeling fee and your agent’s fee are included on the voucher.

Promotion and Publicity

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This team is responsible for making your name fresh and the company’s through advertisements. The are responsible for handling charity events to give models more exposure. They also organize press inquiries about the agency and the models.


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The administration department consists of all the big names in the company. They include the department directors, the president, and vice president of the agency. They run the entire business in general and plan about the future of the agency. They are also the minds who resolve all issues the agency faces.

You will know in the future that understanding the responsibilities of these people is an advantage for you. It would be best to be sure whether you are in good hands to avoid wasted time and effort since you will have to be tied with modeling agencies once you get signed with them. Of course, nobody wants their investments to go to waste.

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