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Counting Down the Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2017

Lights Out and The Conjuring 2 opened to respectful box-office earnings in 2016, and it was made clear to everyone that the formidable yet entertaining horror film genre is here to stay. But unfortunately, these two movies were diamonds in a dozen. Other horror features like The Boy or The Forest did not fare just as well, especially in the eyes of critics. It can be mostly due to the fact that these movies did not deliver the same amount of quality expected of the genre. With that being said, horror fans are crossing their fingers for more hits this coming 2017.

So as we approach the second half of the year, ExploreTalent is counting the most highly anticipated horror films that are coming your way on 2017:

10. Annabelle 2


Annabelle the doll had managed to scare audiences when she was introduced in the first Conjuring film. It did not take long for the terrifying doll to have her own movie, which actually hit cinemas back in 2014. Though it was critically panned, the production had made enough money to green-light a sequel. Now before hardcore horror fans should roll their eyes, do know that the new director is going to be none other than David F. Sandberg, who was behind 2016’s Lights Out. The studio promises that the sequel would be more impressive—and in true Sandberg style audiences can expect even more scares.

9.  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


The last Resident Evil franchise is said to go out with the bang as they are literally bringing all the characters together for one last rally against the dreaded Umbrella Corporation. It is safe to say that it’s probably about time to hang the curtain for the Resident Evil films, and hopefully audiences will get to see Alice and her gang finally come out triumphant.

8. Chucky 7


There is no official title yet for the seventh installment of the Chucky franchise, but it has already gotten die-hard horror movie fans excited. Back in September 2015, director Don Mancini tweeted a cryptic message “ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT#CHUCKY7 #ComingSoonish” along with an artwork featuring the demonic doll himself. No word on the final cast or what the plot would be, but everyone would agree that Chucky is always a blast to watch on the silver screen.

7. Suspiria


Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson will be gracing the screen in the remake of 1977’s Suspiria. Johnson has even confirmed that she underwent ballet training to prepare for the film. Like many remakes, this was initially met with hostility from fans of the original movie. But with the combination of Swinton and Johnson, audiences can expect yet another horror masterpiece.

6. Death House


When people hear about the movie The Expendables, they get immediately excited since the movie bands together their favorite action stars. So what if you take that concept but apply it to the horror movie genre instead? The result would be Death House. That’s right, all your favorite horror icons like Robert Englund, Dee Wallace, Michael Berryman, and Don Shanks. Unfortunately, one of the main stars slated to appear in the film Gunnar Hansen (aka Leatherface) passed away before filming began.

5. Friday the 13th


Maybe the thought of another Friday the 13th film won’t illicit the same excitement like the other movies on this list, but the idea of a younger Jason Voorhees is something that we can all look forward to. It can be thought of as an original idea as not many people know the history behind this horror character’s sadistic ways.

4. The Dark Tower


There is yet to be a name more synonymous with horror than the great Stephen King. But this time, don’t expect haunted hotels or demonic dogs in the movie screen. Instead, King mixed in a slew of other elements like magic and Western culture in this beloved series. Idris Alba will be taking the role of the iconic gunslinger Rolandwhile Matthew McConaughey will star opposite him as the mysterious Man in Black.

3. World War Z 2


After the commercial success of Brad Pitt‘s first World War Z film back in 2013, it was only fitting for him to come back and do one more. There are no other details other than that, but studio executives did state the film will be released mid-2017.

2. Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral


Horror fans have been waiting approximately 13 years for this project to come together, and finally a title has been given to the third installment of the Jeepers Creepers film franchise. Though it may have encountered a couple of production roadblocks, the IMDb page has been set and director Victor Salva is aiming for 2017 as the release year. Gina Philips is rumored to reprise her role as Trish, and by the looks of it, she is poised to take on The Creeper once more.

1. IT


Finally, at number one we have the most highly anticipated horror movie of 2017, which goes to another classic written by the one and only Stephen King. The stage is set for the movie remake of the 1990 TV miniseries It. That’s right, the new generation will get a taste of a brand-new Pennywise the Clown, with the talented Bill Skarsgard filling in for the role once played by Tim Curry. Considering that this is a remake, the plot will follow the original television series, but with the advancement of technology, audiences can expect the scenes to be taken to an all new level. Too bad we’ll have to wait until September 2017 to find out if it can truly live up to all the hype. 

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