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What to Expect in a Music Talent Search?

As an aspiring musician, it’s your job to promote yourself and create a personal brand for your career. The best way to do this is to create an online presence. So many famous, rich and successful singers have gotten their big break after being discovered on the internet. Have you ever heard of a little someone named Justin Bieber? He got his big break when R&B superstar Usher came across one of his Youtube videos. He instantly contacted his mother and the rest is history. There is no reason why this can’t happen to you!

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When it comes to creating an online presence for yourself, make sure you are posting the right content. Everything you put out in the universe as an artist will be seen and remembered, even if you delete it. With that being said, make sure you’re only posted quality material. Using Facebook, YouTube and Explore Talent can be the best trifecta to launch your new music career. Sign up for your Explore Talent profile and upload your original tracks and videos in order for them to be seen by industry professionals from all over the country. You can also post your videos, lyrics, resume and much more. Not only can you set up a profile but you can launch your own website and even order personalized business cards. These can help you get your name out when you attend casting calls.

As a musician, you must attend as many open casting calls as possible. An open casting call is an audition for musicians. It’s here where you will be able to showcase your talent in front of a panel of judges or casting agents in hopes to be discovered as the next hot recording artist! These open calls are usually promoted on the radio and via social networks. The main mission of these open calls is to get as many talented artists out as possible and to discover some unsigned musicians. These auditions are usually open to anyone and everyone who wants to attend so if you don’t have much experience, these are the routes to take. The downside of these auditions is that since they are “open” they are usually packed with thousands of other talented hopefuls just like you. Last year, an open casting call in Los Angeles for hit talent show “American Idol” drew a crowd of an astonished 29,000 people! WOW! Some even camped out for days to make sure they got a good spot in line. That is called dedication. You will have to wait in long lines and be amongst tons of other people who are fighting for the same spot you are. You must just remain calm and realize that your time will come and that’s the most important part. Use the line as a time to practice your song, exercise your voice or practice on your instrument. You might even make friends with some fellow musicians! Use this time to rehearse, relax and have fun with your peers.

Once you’ve gotten to the front of the line and are about to be called into the audition room, remain calm. If you are nervous it will show. Remember, you deserve to be there just as much as anyone else. This is your big moment! Walk into that audition room with your head held high. Say hello to all of the casting agents, introduce yourself and the piece you are going to perform and begin. Don’t waste too much time because this will cause you to rush through your performance and could cause you to mess up. Sing your heart out or play like it’s your last show ever. These casting agents have seen thousands of other musicians all day long so make sure you do something to ensure that you stand out in their mind.

If you remain calm, confident and courteous you will have a leg up on your competition and could be one step closer to catching your big break!

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