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ExploreTalent: Commercial Audition Tips

Many actors choose to stick to commercial gigs rather than film, television, or stage jobs. There are very many opportunities out there if you happen to be looking for one, but do bear in mind that there is also a lot of competition in the market. So in order for you to get the part, you’ll need to be able to stand out from the rest and make sure your audition goes well. Experts who have gotten far in the commercial acting industry will always recommend some basic tips to newbies. Here at ExploreTalent, we have gathered some of them:

1. Be punctual

Clock in grass

Any basic audition or even job interviews require punctuality. People who arrive early often create good impressions toward the casting directors. At the same time, it gives them a chance to relax and adjust to their surroundings. If you come early, you’ll also have time to fill your audition form, recheck your look, and calm your nerves.

2. Prepare your audition dialogue


When it comes to auditions, you either get the audition piece on the day or days before. In any case, you need to be prepared. Preparation can be done through researching about the products or services that the company is offering in the market. That will give you a background on what tone needs to be applied for the commercial itself.

3. Focus on the task on hand


Do not let your mind go elsewhere and focus on your audition instead. Note that letting yourself forget what you’re doing will not calm your nerves and will end up agitating yourself even more. Instead, try to go over your audition piece or even conversing with others.

4. Do not hesitate to ask questions


When you don’t understand some aspects of your audition, do ask questions. Casting assistants are available to entertain anything you need help with. It is better to ask the question now than inquire about them during the actual audition, not only is it unprofessional but it also saves a lot of time.

5. Relax


There are numerous subtle relaxation methods that you can do such as meditation, deep breathing, or even something as simple as remaining positive no matter what the outcome is. Nerves come with negative thoughts, so find an outlet that works for you when it comes to releasing them.

6. Do be polite to everyone


Don’t just be polite to the casting directors, but remember to apply this to basically everyone in the room. People in the industry tend to revolve around each other, so you never know when and where you can encounter them next. You don’t need to be over-the-top chatty, a simple greeting, and a polite display of gratefulness will show how professional you are.

7. If you have a partner, don’t forget to rehearse with them


Commercials tend to have more than just one actor. You could be paired off with an onscreen husband or child. So do get acquainted with them once you are given the instructions. This will break the boundaries you have with your partner and make you feel more comfortable when it comes to working with them.

8. Be energized


Being energized starts when you get up in the morning, you can’t head off to your audition feeling groggy and dizzy. The night before, make sure you got adequate sleep so your eyes won’t look puffy the following day. Make sure you have eaten well and remain hydrated too. When it comes to the actual audition, you need to show a perky attitude that will go well with the company’s brand. Don’t scare the casting directors by coming off too strong, you just need to balance your energy right and make sure you can market yourself well.

9. See the audition as an opportunity


Commercial auditions, or auditions in general, are a platform for you to showcase your talent. So whether or not you get the part, you can always count on it as a learning experience as to which aspects you’ll need to improve on. Do not be too hard on yourself if you mess up, and don’t apologize to the casting directors either. Instead, stick to being polite and thank them for the opportunity while you go on and prepare for your next audition.

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