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Top Robert Redford Movie Performances

After more than 50 years in the spotlight, award-winning actor Robert Redford is finally ready to hang up the curtain. The 80-year-old actor recently announced that he will be retiring from acting after completing his final two films. The said news was confirmed by his grandson Dylan in an interview posted online.

Robert Redford’s long-running career began in 1960 when he first guest-starred in a number of television shows, which included The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. But Redford’s talent in acting was clearly made for the big screen. In honor of the award-winning actor, ExploreTalent is listing the top Redford film performances throughout his outstanding career.

Best Robert Redford Movie Performances

5. Barefoot in the Park (1967)

Barefoot in the Park

As any classic matinee idol, Robert Redford’s early roles included one in a romantic comedy. The film Barefoot in the Park was based on a Broadway show, which starred Redford as well. It centers around a young American couple who share nothing in common other than the fact that they’re crazy in love with each other. Redford agreed to reprise his role as Paul for the film adaptation, while Jane Fonda played his wife.

4. All Is Lost (2013)

All Is Lost

Perhaps the biggest challenge of an actor is having to bring to life a film on your own. Robert Redford was up for the challenge when he signed up to do All is Lost, a survival film that focuses on an unnamed character lost at sea. Redford was the sole cast member in the film, which went on to earn several award nominations and wins including a New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor.

3. All the President’s Men (1976)

All the President's Men

All the President’s Men is considered to be one of the best political thrillers of all time. The movie tells the real life story of journalists Bob Woodward (Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), the pair who infamously reported on the Watergate Scandal that brought down former president Richard Nixon.

2. The Sting (1973)

The Sting

The Sting was named one of the best films of the seventies, and it featured a career-making performance by Robert Redford. Critics raved about the unpredictable plot and performance by the lead actors including Redford and Paul Newman. The film was selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry.

1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

This 1969 Western was the first time Robert Redford acted alongside Paul Newman. It is a biographical retelling of notorious wild west outlaws Butch Cassidy and Harry Longabaugh, otherwise known as the Sundance Kid. Newman and Redford play the lead roles respectively, and like Sting, this movie was eventually selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry.

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