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T-Pain’s Exclusive Interview with Explore Talent Announced

Explore Talent T-Pain Exclusive Interview

Explore Talent announces the interview hip-hop artist T-Pain’s granted exclusively to the online talent resource site. This is in line with the company’s bid to keep up with the most popular music icons to provide motivation to site members. On the height of the release of T-Pain’s most recent album, “Stoicville: The Phoenix”, this R&B music artist shared the way by which he makes music.

When he was questioned how he can tell if a new music will become a hit, T-Pain expounded that he always listens to what he feels in his gut. He said he does not know when a song will become a hit and that all he knows is how good he feels about a certain song.

The music artist further clarified that no one can really be right all of the time. He stated that if he gets the kind of vibes that always precede a song that got to be on top of the charts, then he will trust his instincts on that song.

T-Pain also described stardom as “good” and “awesome” when he was asked how it feels for him to be well-known in the music industry.

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