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How to Ensure Talent Auditions Success

Going on auditions as a young, aspiring actor could be nerve-wracking, scary and intimidating. There are lights, sometimes cameras and tons of other actors there fighting for the same role you are. These talent auditions don’t have to be so terrifying there. If you follow the simple rules and audition etiquette, you will start to look at these as fun rather than scary!

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So, you’re getting ready to go on an audition and don’t know what to expect? That’s okay! Here at Explore Talent we want to help prepare you for everything and anything that comes your way during your journey down the road to success.

The main thing you can do to ensure your audition goes well is to always be prepared. If you are able to get the material for the audition before the actual date then make sure you eat, breathe and sleep those lines every minute until you set foot in that audition room. Practice in the mirror, with friends and in front of your family as much as you can. You should work on your diction, pronunciation and facial movement so you know exactly how to portray the character perfectly. Try reading the script in different voices and accents! Play around with it and make the role your own. Imagine your life as the characters life and really get into playing the part. Also, rehearsing with people or in front of people will help calm your nerves and prepare you for performing the piece in front of the casting agents. The more comfortable you get saying the lyrics, the more natural it will become.

When the audition date finally arrives, make sure you are well rested, eat a good breakfast and are clean cut. Show up to your audition at least 15 minutes early. This will show the casting assistant that you are efficient and reliable! Also, showing up early guarantees you an audition time. Sometimes, casting calls become so crowded that not everyone gets to read. You want to make sure you get your chance! If you show up early and have some extra time, find a quiet place to rehearse your lines. If you feel 100% comfortable with your lines than simply do some breathing exercises or mouth warm ups to relax you and ensure that you will be calm during your audition.

When they call you into the audition room, introduce yourself and the piece you will be performing and begin promptly. Don’t waste time by socializing with the casting directors. You are there for a job and you want to remain as professional as possible! Speak loud and clear and recite your lines slowly. If you mess up on one, laugh it off, redo it and move on quickly. This will show you are able to bounce back from mistakes! When you are done make a quick exit after thanking them for their time. Hang around in the lobby afterwards because the casting agents might ask you to come back in and re-read it. If they don’t, sign out with the casting assistant and head on home. Walk out of there knowing you did your best and keep your fingers crossed that they call you back for a second interview! Even if they don’t call you back, use each audition as a learning experience. The more auditions you go on, the easier they become. You might hear a few NO’s, but they will all be worth it once you hear the big YES that changes your life forever. Stay focused, patient and confident and your big break could happen faster than you thought.

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