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Attend a Talent Casting Confidently

Attending casting calls could be a scary thing for a young aspiring actor. It’s a very competitive environment and there are going to be tons of other hopefuls there looking to land the same role you are auditioning for. The trick to nailing these auditions is to stick out. Casting directors look for talented individuals, but they are also looking for professional, outgoing and unique actors as well! If you follow the rules and audition etiquette you have a way better chance of standing out at your acting audition.

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When you arrive at your audition (15 minutes early) make sure you sign in and find a quiet place to rehearse. You want your lines to feel as natural as possible. Casting directors will see sometimes upwards of hundreds of actors in one day and eventually they all sort of blend together. However, if you read the lines like you are that character, you will stick out amongst your competition. Mentally put yourself in the life of the character. Do some research on the type of person he or she is and really embody the role as your own. This type of preparation goes a long way and will be noticed in the audition room. Act as if you are the character and are just talking amongst friends when you’re reading your lines. You can add some hand gestures, facial expressions and a few of your own lines as well. For example: If it’s a funny scene, improve a little! Add some of your own jokes. However, don’t change the script so much that the casting directors don’t even recognize their own material. This might offend them and turn them off.

Another great way to stand out at your casting call is confidence! During an audition process, casting directors will see hundreds of nervous actors walk in and out of their audition room. You don’t get any re-dos in an audition, so you want to make sure you nail your audition from beginning to end on the first try! A little confidence will go a long way and could change the vibe of your entire monologue.  Before your audition, practice rehearsing lines as much as possible in front of the mirror and in front of your friends and family. If you’re brave enough you can even join an acting group and share your monologue in front of them. When you practice in front of your peers you will be able to mess up as much as possible and also get some feedback as to how you’re doing. This can help you prepare for your audition greatly! You will be able to tweak your acting skills to perfection and make sure you have the monologue perfected before you walk into your acting audition. When you walk into that audition room, just remember that you belong there. You deserve to be there just as much as any of your competition. If you aren’t having a good day or aren’t feeling good, never let it show. Use that energy and channel it into positivity and emotion. You want to “wow” these casting directors and you can’t do that if you’re not happy and not confident. Pride yourself on being the best there is, even if you don’t feel the best that day.

When you have the patience, perseverance and practice down to a T, all you need to do is make sure you keep your head held high. This little mix of things could be the winning recipe when it comes to attending acting auditions. Casting directors are looking for confidence, originality and professionalism. If you obtain these traits, you will stick out and be one step closer to landing the role of your dreams.

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