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Explore Talent’s Tips for Finding the Best Talent Agent for You

Finding the right talent agent is one of the most basic steps in building your acting career. Yet many actors dread this process due to the fact that finding a respected and well-known agency can be quite tedious. As an aspiring actor, you need to look at the bright side. Agencies around the country are always seeking fresh faces, you just need to start honing your self-promotional skills until an agency sees your potential and signs you up.

If you have no idea where to start, then you have come to the right place. Explore Talent lists down suggestions to help you find the best talent agent in the business.

Finding the Best Talent Agent to Represent You

1. Do your research

Finding the Best Talent Agent

There a lot of people who take advantage of those who are chasing after a dream. This is why actors should always be vigilant and well-versed with the industry before signing any business deals. Here are a few guidelines to take note of.

  • A talent agent never asks for money from a potential client. Instead, they ask for a copy of your headshot and résumé.
  • Talent agents may focus on a specific area in the industry. There are commercial agents, Broadway or theater agents, television agents, and film agents.
  • A talent agent has the right to refuse to sign an applicant. The most common reason is that they could have too many talents who are similar as you. To avoid rejection, do your research on the different projects the agency’s client roster are up to. You should also be familiar with the type of roles you want to play so you can inform the agency beforehand.
  • You and the talent agent usually go through a trial period to test out your business relationship. However, once this is over and you’ve officially signed with the agency, you are bounded by the terms of the contract. That said, be sure to think things over carefully before signing a contract!

2. Go online

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You can check out a list of franchised agents from SAG-AFTRA online, but do know that there are agents that are not SAG-franchised but still reputable. It is also important to do an in-depth research on the agency you want to work with. You can start by checking the company history, its profile with the Better Business Bureau, and if there were any lawsuits filed against them.

3. Submit your requirements

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Once you have a list of agents you want to apply for, you should start filing your headshot, résumé, and a cover letter for submission. A reel may also come in handy, especially if you’ve only done theater productions at the moment. Remember that agents don’t usually reply right away, you might hear from them within a few days to a few weeks.

4. Continue networking!

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Get to know people in the industry, set up meetings, and continue sending your résumé and reel. If you’re close with a casting director whom you know trusts your skills, you may ask them to refer you to an agent. You can also speak to fellow actors and directors for recommendations. The wider your circle is, the better chances you have in finding a respected talent agent.

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