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Top 7 Secrets Behind a Long-Lasting Music Career


Acing your first singing audition could indeed be considered a success story, but staying on top of the game for a long time is entirely different. With the ever-changing trends in the music industry, you can’t help but wonder just how your favorite artists came to be forerunners and then manage to rise even higher than before in their succeeding years in the business.

All successful stories of singers start with the first audition and with the first singing job. It may not be an easy journey, just as any road to success is, but with these pointers, you’ll know how to work your way around to a long-lasting singing career.

Take Care of Your Assets

Taking care of your greatest assets—your body and, of course, your voice—is one of the simplest yet most significant tips you must bear in mind. The world will remember you for the way you sound more than the way you stand and perform on stage. This is what distinguishes you from other singers. You can even have your vocal chords and parts of your body insured, as a way to make sure that they are well protected.

You need to be aware that even the industry’s biggest names like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey had their assets insured should anything happen to them. Keep in that it always pays to be prepared. Prevention is better than cure, so remember to care of what is most important to your career.

Keep a Good Attitude

The word “attitude” does not necessarily mean that you have to act all high and mighty when it comes to dealing with people in the industry. In a bustling business like this, you are likely to meet a variety of personalities that you might find a bit difficult to deal with. Be professional and learn to adjust to different kinds of people. The entertainment world is a big arena of competitors, so be good and master the art of building the right connections. You’ll need them.


Attitude also means having to face the limelight with a positive outlook. Rejection is quite common in any kind of industry. Take it as another opportunity for improvement or an opportunity that opens the door to “greener pastures”. Have the passion and commitment to persevere with what you are doing. When you are dead set in having a music career, you have to be tough and be up for what the whole world will be throwing at you.

Keep your passion burning to achieve your goals, may it be a Grammy award or to have a song that will top the Billboard chart.  Hard work is not enough; you need to have the passion or the drive to pursue your dreams. Everyone starts from being a little someone before they become known, and they are who they are now because of their attitude toward reaching their goal.

Learn to Adapt

Written down as every creature’s ultimate weapon to surviving practically anywhere in the world is the ability to adapt. You would often wonder how artists like Madonna, Janet Jackson, and many others still have a steady and even growing fan base.

It is because they know how to adapt to any situation they caught themselves in. They see the changes around the industry as an opportunity to be able to share their music to more people all over the world. And, they also see it as chance to let the present generation know about the music they make even though their style was introduced way long before.

Make Connections

It is important that you are able to establish connections with many of the people in the industry. This can save you in more ways than one. Aside from the fact that this can turn into future collaborations, they can provide you with the kind of moral support that is highly needed for someone who is just building a career in the industry. One of the things that celebrities would often stress out is to have a good support system. This helps you deal with any unwanted issues.

Keep Yourself Updated

Know what the new trends are and learn new skills. The advantage of doing this is that you are able to get in tune with what is going on with the world today especially in the music scene. The entertainment industry is an arena of really competitive people. You need to know what others are doing and change whatever it is that needs to be changed to keep up with everyone.

Be Patient

Not all the triumphant singing careers you know are overnight successes. Struggles, hardships, and rejections—internal and external—are inevitable part of the game. But, if it were not for these challenges, none of the artists we know and love today will rise to fame. It takes time, patience, and perseverance in honing one’s craft. So, do not be in a hurry to become an overnight sensation; hone your craft first and perfect it.

Be Versatile

Aside from maintaining a blooming career, take the challenge to give others an opportunity to be heard. Many of our favorite artists have become producers and have ventured into other projects outside the music industry. Some ventured into something still related to music because that is what they are most comfortable doing. Others went into producing films or modeling or appearing on drama series or television shows.

Surviving in the music industry or any industry is rooted from how we prepare ourselves on what and how we want to achieve our dreams. And, this can happen the moment we set our foot inside the venue of our very first singing audition. Visit for more information about singing auditions.


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