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Tips for Young Actors on Finding Success in the Industry

The first thing you have to know is that the industry is always looking for fresh, young, and talented individuals to introduce to the audience. Actors like Asa Butterfield, Selena Gomez, and Emma Watson found success in the peak of their teenage years. What is the most applauding thing about them is that their careers still continue to be that way until today.

The number one challenge that young actors face is that so many have the potential to reach stardom but have problems reaching or maintaining it for that matter. There are many factors that may deter a young actor’s career, but luckily there are so many ways to avoid the pitfalls that come with the industry. The first step in finding success is acing an audition. How a young actor handles the pressure when it comes to an acting audition will determine how passionate he or she is in going far in the business.

Auditions can be daunting, but when handled with the right attitude and by showcasing the right skills, any young actor can get a shot in acing it. So we have rounded up helpful tips for every passionate young actor out there when it comes to finding success in an audition and in the industry itself:

1. Readiness is key

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Time and time again, people will remind you that getting ready is crucial. Surprisingly, it’s easier said than done. People often find themselves getting ready but not entirely ready. Important details are overlooked, like doing your research for example. A young actor cannot just walk into the audition by just memorizing his lines. He needs to walk in the audition with all the necessary information in mind. Research on the details of the whole audition such as information on the production team, the product (if it is a commercial), and the company and take an in-depth look into the character you’re playing so you can portray them the way the casting director wants to. Now practice. Practice your lines in front of a mirror or work on  improvisation. Try to work on being less robotic when it comes to delivering your lines and make sure emotion registers on your face.

2.  Maintain a professional attitude


As a young actor, you are not excused from any unprofessional attitude. A young actor should learn to enter a room with composure and politeness as he is in the presence of seasoned professionals. But this does not mean you should be so uptight. Learn to be friendly and outgoing, but try not to go overboard with the enthusiasm as you just might scare the casting directors off.

3. Have a say in what you want for your career


Many young actors have the perception that they should be dictated on how their career goes. In reality, the most successful actors have molded their career on the direction they want it to go. Take Emma Watson for example, she decided on taking a break by pursuing education and yet she still maintains to be one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses until today.

Your parents, your agent, or any other voice of authority are around to give you advice on what works and doesn’t. Ultimately, the decision is for yours to make on where you want to go next. So don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel like you want to do something that can positively effect yourself and your career as a whole.

4. Don’t grow up too fast

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It may be tempting to try out new things such as a mature look or a risky movie role. While this may help your career, it isn’t the only thing that you can do to make a name for yourself. You wouldn’t want to do something you just aren’t ready for. Do consider if the role has depth and meaning. Take advice from the people you trust around you, then make the decision if you really want to take on a mature role.

5. Take breaks

Actors from the Cast of Òblack-ishÓ Kick Off Their Summer Break at Walt Disney World Resort

Juggling school, an acting career, and growing up in this awkward phase can be quite overwhelming for a young actor. But there is a way to find balance in your life when you feel like you have no time in this world to do so. Consider vacations, bonding with your friends and family, and making time for yourself. You cannot let a career, even one as demanding as the acting industry, take over your time. Every young actor needs to let loose and find time for himself; otherwise, they’ll end up giving up due to stress.

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